Vision for the Wiki

  • Provide a well organized, streamlined location for the following data:
    • Key data required by the most/all users/contributors 
    • Data that is best maintained in a collaborative manner
  • The design of the content organization should satisfy the following principles:
    • Major content areas are intuitive to navigate
    • Minor content areas don't clutter site but can be found via search or detailed site map
    • Professional look and feel.
    • Efficient use of Confluence strengths/weaknesses
    • Long-term: Support tighter integration across tools in the future

Proposed Organization of Wiki Content, Source Data, and Curators

The initial design contains four major content areas and they are identified on the left hand side of the wiki home. They are:

  • For Users
  • For Contributors
  • Governance\Policies
  • Participants. 

Each major content area appears as a heading on the left hand side of the Wiki.  Under each content area is located a list of launch pads to subtopics.  Each launch pad contains links to other pages in that topic area.

In the table, below, the first column identifies the content area and launchpad for a given topic.  For example ForUsers/Downloads means that Downloads is a launchpad located under the For Users content area.  The SourceData column identifies existing data including old wiki pages, word documents, pdf documents, old web site etc.  The summary column is a high level description of the content.

Proposed Data Organization

For Users/DownloadsN/A (Launch Pad)Task

Old Wiki (Download)

Links and Descriptions of Download Packages
For Users/GMAT OverviewN/A (Launch Pad)SPH

Requires a major clean up of existing information found here:

Overview of GMAT's user features
For Users/DocumentationN/A (Launch Pad)TaskHTML Help for latest releaseDocBook output
For Users/Video TutorialsN/A (Launch Pad)SPHNewVideo tutorials
For Users/Bug SubmissionN/A (Launch Pad)Task

Old Wiki: Issue Tracking and Triage


How to submit a bug. How we triage and prioritize.  May be better to put triage policy in governance section (SPH).
For Users/ContactsN/A (Launch Pad) New?Overview of contacts etc
For Contributors/TestingPlans and ProceduresTask-TGGTest Plans and Procedures word documentsOverview of testing process
For Contributors/TestingScript TestingTask->JJKP
  • Old Wiki: How to Run the Script Test System
  • Old Wiki: tc File Syntax

  • Old Wiki: Script Test System Overview

  • Old Wiki: tcfile_py

How to write and run script tests
For Contributors/TestingGUI TestingTask - SJHEntirely new or extracted from Test Procedures.How to write and run GUI tests
For Contributors/Documentation Task -> JJKP

Old Wiki: Building the User Guide

User's Guide Style Guide

How to write and build user docs
For Contributors/DevelopmentCompilingTask

Wiki pages for new build system.

Old Wiki: Compiling GMAT

Old Wiki: Building on Mac

How to compile GMAT using old and new build systems.  Old system will be phased out but we need to keep docs around for a while.


For Contributors/DevelopmentDesign Docs

Task -> Others

Task migrates pdf docs to wiki

See Summary Column

Launch pad to

  • Architecture Overview (Architectural Overview from PDF document)
  • Interface Specs (Old Wiki: System QA Tracking)
For Contributors/DevelopmentHow To

Task -> Others


Task migrates pdf docs to wiki

See Summary ColumnHow to examples
  • How to write a new command (New doc by WCS)
  • How to write a new Resource (New doc by DJC)
  • How to write a new GUI (New doc by TGG/LOJ)
  • How to write a plugin (Old Wiki: Plugins, Old Wiki: Writing Plugins)
  • How to write add a new parameter (Old Wiki: Adding a Parameter)
Governance\PoliciesTools and InfrastructureTaskSlides developed under this task describing tools and processes.

Describe what tools we use, where they sit, and how they work together. Describe what we have now and mention major changes we would like to make as we evolve.  Solicit volunteers!

Governance\PoliciesConfiguration ControlTaskProject Plan: CM ChapterOverview of how CM works on GMAT.
Governance\PoliciesRelease ProcessTask->JJKPOld Wiki: Release R2013aOverview and detailed steps of a release
Governance\PoliciesCurrent Activties (??)Task - SPH

Old Wiki: Meeting Minutes

Old Wiki: R2013a End Game QA Processes
Not sure where to put this yet.  Governance/Policies is not the best place.
Participants Task of who has contributed to GMAT

Missing Data Items

These should probably be migrated but I haven't found a home in the above table yet - SPH

  • Requirements Spreadsheet. (Contributors/Development) -SPH
  • Metrics (Whatever becomes Current Activities Section) -SPH
  • Technical approach section of Product Plan (Governance\Policies) -SPH
  • Code style guide (Contributors/Development) -SPH
  • Required Accounts (Contributors) -SPH
  • Required Reading/Training By Area (Contributors) -SPH

Primary Work Items

  • Design and review content structure
  • Identify existing key data to migrate
  • Develop high level Wiki style guide
  • Migrate key, existing data into the the new Wiki
  • Clean up existing data
  • Long Term:  write missing data


Wiki Style Guide

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