If you would like to see what we're working on right now, see our scheduled work tracker here.  Other items identified for our next release are tracked here.  Our weekly meetings are documented in our meeting minutes.  Our high level goals and features for our next release are shown below.

 Blocker Features for GSFC Missions

  • MAVEN Mars Gramm Density modelling and targeting
  • JWST stationkeeping and SRP modelling
  • OSIRIS launch window and survey modelling
  • GMAT Functions

 General Improvements/Features

  • Orbit state representations
  • Attitude models
  • Flux file readers
  • Dynamics model improvements

Navigation Functionality

  • Re-factoring and design improvements
  • Estimator improvements
  • Measurement model improvements
  • Tracking data file improvements

Low Thrust Modeling/Optimization

  • Low thrust models
  • Sparse optimization solver



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