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Re: compiling vf13 plugin

Postby theAnalyst » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:06 pm

I tried to compile the vf13 plugin for GMAT 2016a, following all instructions above, and have now "only" the following compile errors:

Error 1 error C2259: 'VF13ad' : cannot instantiate abstract class C:\Users\mba\gmatplugins-gitcode\VF13OptimizerPlugin\src\base\factory\VF13Factory.cpp 48 1 libVF13Optimizer
Error 4 error C2259: 'VF13ad' : cannot instantiate abstract class C:\Users\mba\gmatplugins-gitcode\VF13OptimizerPlugin\src\base\solver\VF13ad.cpp 174 1 libVF13Optimizer
6 IntelliSense: object of abstract class type "VF13ad" is not allowed: c:\users\mba\gmatplugins-gitcode\vf13optimizerplugin\src\base\factory\vf13factory.cpp 48 18 libVF13Optimizer

Am I correct in guessing that GMAT and the classes inherited by VF13ad has evolved since last posting?

Very grateful for any advice!
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