Building VF13 Plugin

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Building VF13 Plugin

Postby Mar2Moon » Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:14 pm

Hello All,

so I worked my way through most of the modification and creation for the VF13 Plugin (at least I hope it is almost done), but now I got stuck and could need quick help:

After following the 14 steps of the guide, I wanted to build the addon using the make all command (or better the nmake all command, since I'm using Windows).

It returns an Error in line 18 of the (yes I downloaded the windows version of that file):

"fatal errorU1034: syntax error : separator missing"

Here is the corresponding code:

14># Compiler options
15>CPP = g++
16>C = gcc
18>ifeq ($(PROFILE_BUILD), 1)

So apparently, a ":" is missing at some point, but I have absolutely no clue, where and why. Can somebody please help me out?

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