C/C++ API? Other resources?

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C/C++ API? Other resources?

Postby cherbst » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:59 pm

I understand the C/C++ API for GMAT is still under development -- is this correct? Is there a preliminary version that's available for intrepid coders (for US Gov projects)?

In the meantime, is there an approach that developers have used to incorporate the GMAT capabilities into external programs and simulations? Perhaps by using generated scripts and extracting results from the output?

A component-based capability for astrodynamics is what I'm really hunting for (like SPICE, but for astrodynamics rather than observational geometry). STK is coming out with something like this (STK Components) but the high prices of AGI products limits the number of developers we can have working with their tools.

If it turns out that GMAT is not the right kind of tool for this, is there anything else that you could point me toward that might be helpful? TUDAT looks interesting, any others?

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