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Low-Thrust Lunar Orbit Insertion

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:32 pm
by tlanes
I'm trying to design a low-thrust trajectory from LEO to a lunar distant retrograde orbit (LDRO) for my senior capstone project. I'm having trouble designing the spiral-out orbit that would achieve a capture into the LDRO. I can achieve lunar capture using impulsive burns, but this is not possible based on the mandate requirements (i.e., use electric propulsion only). I attempted to vary the thruster directions and use b-plane targeting of the moon to achieve a specified distance to the moon where we could capture into an orbit. This takes a very long time to run on my computer and I have yet to achieve anything close to what I need.

I also am having trouble building the VF13optimizer plugin, and have been sticking to just targeting with the differential corrector.

Any assistance would be appreciated!!!