GMAT Ephem Generation from Matlab

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GMAT Ephem Generation from Matlab

Postby space_egd » Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:49 pm

tkelecy, shughes and I collaborated to create a basic ephemeris generation tool that can be run from Matlab and using GMAT for propagation.

Here's a blurb from our email conversation about the latest delivery:
I've attached a new version of the Matlab controlled GMAT Ephemeris Generation script.

Make sure to place the GetGMATVar.m file in the [GMAT exe root dir]\matlab\gmat_keyword directory

I've added a new function to the matlab sctipts. It’s called GMAT_EphemGenGreg2MJD. Be aware of the warnings in the comments of the scripts if you choose to use this function.

So what's new in functionality for this batch:
- Instead of entering a start and stop time, enter a start time, intermediate times (optional), and stop time to start from and propagate to.
- Added reportFlag flag. If you want to output the intermediate propagation steps of your input Times vector, you can or you can just output at the times you inputted

Useful Tidbits:
Using a time vector of Modified Julian Dates will be much faster.
Make sure your Spacecraft.DateFormat and Times inputs are of the same formats.

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