Saturn, non-keplerian orbit, hover orbit, moons, environment

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Saturn, non-keplerian orbit, hover orbit, moons, environment

Postby OwenF » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:42 pm

Currently, I am, along with 9 other students, doing my Bachelor Thesis at the Delft University of Technology. We are designing a Saturn Ring Observer, which is a dual satellite. One S/C will hover over certain points above the A and B rings of Saturn, whilst the other S/C will orbit outside the F ring. The 2nd S/C will be used as a relay to earth and it will serve other Scientific objectives.
I am totally new to GMAT and I am wondering if GMAT can offer some implementations for our mission. I would like to simulate/visualize two aspects of the mission.

1) Hover/non-keplerian orbits above the A and B rings of Saturn, with a duration of 1 month. The first S/C will orbit 6 circular orbits and use several hohmann transfers to translate between these orbits. To be able to hover over the rings, chemical propulsion will be implemented which will fire impulsively resulting in a hopping motion. The other S/C will detach just outside the F ring and perform a normal orbit.
2) A pumpdown tour from Saturn orbit insertion to Hover orbit insertion. This phase consist of multiple gravity assists from certain moons of Saturn, to reduce the delta-V requirements to move from an orbit (with period= 200d) to an orbit with perigee outside the F ring and apogee at Enceladus' orbit.

A) Can GMAT provide anything useful with regard to these parts of the mission?
B) Is the Saturnian environment included in GMAT? Moons and rings of saturn?
C) Can you simulate hopping or hover/non-keplerian orbits?

If someone could share any other aspects of GMAT, which might be useful for this mission, it would be greatly appreciated .

Kind regards,

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