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Asteroid Capture Simulation

Postby JordanWLowrey » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:16 pm

Hi, currently working on a project for my 3rd year aerospace dissertation. This project is looking at the feasibility of asteroid capture at current technology levels. I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to GMAT so I was hoping I could get some help with developing the mission sequence

I have created a spacecraft to represent the asteroid, and applied the SPK data for the asteroid (2012 XB112) to the spacecraft. I want to model the return leg of the Asteroid ie; the burns that place it into an Earth orbit. I'm using low thrust propulsion so I need to perform a finite burn. I know I need to vary the starting epoch to achieve the best performance but for now I'm just aiming to get a working model. I created my mission by attempting to adapt the Mars B-Plane targeting tutorial to be a B-plane targeting towards earth.
In my set up I set used vary commands for the burn duration and thrust directions of the thruster attached to the space craft. From this I set up the "achieve" commands for BdotR and BdotT but received an error stating my vary commands had no effect on the goals.

Having received this error I'm unsure what parameters I need to set, Should I be targeting something other than BdotR,BdotT?

It may be that I'm looking completely up the wrong alley but I can't seem to find any tutorials or literature for such a mission online, so I'd be grateful of any help or materials that can be provided.
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