spiral down maneuver

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spiral down maneuver

Postby two » Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:39 pm

Hey guys,

i am trying to modell a maneuver.
My spacecraft starts from the ISS, at about 400km.
It then has to spiral down at a constant speed.
After 25 days it should be at 150km above Earth.
My aim is to get the Ephemeris of the flight.

Actually i don't have any "unknown", i just want to modell the orbit for the Ephemeris.

I started defining the spacecraft's orbit like the ISS's.
Then i defined an Ephemeris for the output.
Now i am struggling with the Mission.
I made a Target where i defined ACHIEVE spacecraft.earth.altitude = 150

Can you tell me how the Target has to look? I think i have to involve the duration and the current speed (speed of ISS).

Thank you in advance
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