Batch propagation in matlab

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Batch propagation in matlab

Postby prconrad » Tue Aug 12, 2008 7:06 pm

This is an evolution of code provided by Edwin to do propagation in GMAT from MATLAB. The function GMAT_EphemGenFunc_03 takes a series of matlab structures defining the GMAT propagation options desired, including force models and the output coordinates. GMAT_EphemStandardParam is a script which takes the preceding lines to finish creating the inputs and defines the GMAT options desired. The script is only a sample of the options that are possible, but the creation of the Times variable is necessary for the following function call.

Here's a sample call:
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X0 = [9000 0 3000 0 7.53 2;   % Initial Cartesian State [X Y Z VX VY VZ] Pos in km and Vel in km/s
        9000 0 3000 0 7.53 1.8;
        9000 0 3000 0 7.53 1.6;
        9000 0 3000 0 7.53 1.4];
runTrans = ones(size(X0,1),1);

startTimeMJD = runTrans*[53536];
runTimeDays = runTrans*[.2];
reportingSteps = runTrans*[30];


[Ephem] = GMAT_EphemGenFunc_03(X0, Times, Spacecraft, ForceModel, Propagator, TempEphemLoc, reportFlag, CoordinateSystem);
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Re: Batch propagation in matlab

Postby space_egd » Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:26 pm

Thanks for posting this version. I'll try and check it out sometime this week.

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