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Matlab R2007b Issues

Postby space_egd » Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:47 pm

In all the cases I'm writing about Matlab 2007b was the only version of Matlab on the machines. All of my issues were resolved by uninstalling Matlab and installing Matlab 2007a.

I experienced the following issues when I had Matlab release 2007b installed on one of my machines:
- When opening the Matlab executable, the splash screen appears and quickly disappears. If you have the task manager open, you will see matlab.exe appear and disappear. The likely-hood of opening the Matlab executable seems to be greater right when the machine boots up. To convey the frustration of the situation opening the Matlab executable repeatedly (30+ matlab.exe’s) will all get closed immediately. Sometimes I was lucky enough to have one of them stay open after startup.
- Uninstall, wiping the directory clean, and reinstalling Matlab 2007b does not solve the issue in the first bullet.

I experienced the following on another machine with Matlab release 2007b:
- Cannot open the Matlab engine with GMAT. The matlab executable opens fine but the matlab engine does not.
- Uninstall, wiping the directory clean, and reinstalling Matlab does not solve the issue in the first bullet.
- Below is a description of what I tried for this machine and none of my attempts were sucessfull:

When I open GMAT (I tried 12/10/207 and 8/23/2007 build) and Open Matlab, I get the following message:
Please wait while MATLAB opens...
Failed to open MATLAB engine ...

Here’s a list of things I did to try and solve the issue:
- Uninstalled Matlab, deleted remaining Matlab directories manually, and reinstalled Matlab.
- Deleted GMAT files directory, matlab directory, dlls, and executables. Checked out missing files from GMAT_RegSetup.
- Checked Windows path to make sure Matlab folders were present
- Checked Matlab path to make sure GMAT matlab folder was present
- Tried running GMAT from GMAT_RegSetup repository files, old SystemTest folders, and a fresh download of the 12/10/2007 build from SourceForge
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