Heun's method and For Loops in Matlab.

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Heun's method and For Loops in Matlab.

Postby pandamon » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:48 am

Hello, I am a first year engineering student and so my coding/Matlab foundation isn't that solid, so please don't delve into higher level matlab coding practises when explaining >_< thanks.

Here's the code for Heun's method. Everything but the bolded parts I do not get.
I don't get what the bolded parts are doing, and what purpose they serves in the code.

Thanks for helping me out :) Really do appreciate it.

function [t,y] = heun(dydt,tspan,y0,h)
% [t,y] = heun(dydt,tspan,y0,h):
% uses Heun's method to solve an ODE
% input:
% dydt = function handle of the ODE, f(t,y)
% tspan = [<initial value>, <final value>] of independent variable
% y0 = initial value of dependent variable
% h = step size
% output:
% t = vector of independent variable
% y = vector of solution for dependent variable

% Input Validation: tspan
if ~(tspan(2)>tspan(1))
error('upper limit must be greater than lower')

% Create all independant values, t
t = (tspan(1):h:tspan(2))';
n = length(t);

% if necessary, add an additional t so that range goes up to tspan(2)
if t(n)<tspan(2)
t(n+1) = tspan(2);
n = n+1;

% Implement Heun's method
y = y0*ones(n,1); % Preallocate y to improve efficiency
for i = 1:n-1
% Heun's method
yend = y(i) + dydt(t(i),y(i))*(t(i+1)-t(i));
y(i+1) = y(i) + (dydt(t(i),y(i))+dydt(t(i+1),yend))/2*(t(i+1)-t(i));
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